Full Photography Package

Your listing photos are the most important part of marketing you can do. The are the first impression that gets each prospective Buyer to envision themselves in your home even before they step foot inside. I provide a full photography with the maximum number of still photos and a listing commercial that will emphasize your home's features and the surrounding community to help Buyers fully visualize living in the home and community

Pre-list Home Inspection

Having your home professionally pre-list inspected allows the Buyer to feel at ease. There are no surprises for them or for you. It allows us to either account for any work they may need to be done and it provides us with a stronger negotiation stance.

Staging Consultation

I want your house to put its best foot forward from day-one until the subject removal date. This makes a big difference for each showing and especially the photos. Having a professional stager come through to show you some tips and tricks of what to do with what you have is the perfect way to bring the home you love, to the show home each Buyer is looking for.

On-Demand Mobile + Web Presence

The internet sells homes. Each Buyer's first step to searching their next home starts online. Having first-class advertising and media that is compatible on all viewing devices is infinitely important. My website and media platforms provide just that, 24/7.

Custom Listing Brochures

These professional, magazine quality brochures are packed with photos and key information about your home to make it stand out for Buyers to review later.

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